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BSZ 700 Pen-size Bearing Condition Detector
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Handheld vibration meter BSZ 608
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BSZ 808A Vibration transmitter
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Integrated Vibration Sensor/Transmitter(4-20mA,looped power)
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Laser tacho sensor for RPM and trigger
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SZ-21 Velocity Sensor

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L14 General Purpose 


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       BSZ808A Integrated Vibration Transmitter


  • I   Brief Introduction

The integrated vibration sensor and transmitter is easy to install on the equipment to be used in conjunction with condition 

monitoring systems, such as panel meters, DCS, and PLC, etc. It is particularly applicable to monitor online the conditions

 of important machinery.

The integrated vibration transmitter integrates a shear-mode piezoelectric accelerometer with amplifier, integrator and 


to output the RMS value of the vibration acceleration, 

velocity or displacement (looped power or 3-line 4-20mA current signal).

  • II Technical Specifications
    Shear-mode Ceramic piezoelectric
    Self-temperature-compensation of sensitivity
    Transverse sensitivity max: <5%
    Case: stainless steel, air-tight
    Ground isolated
    Measurement range: 50, 100; 150 m/s2
    Value: True RMS or equivalent peak
    Parameter: Acceleration, velocity or displacement
    Line: 2- or 3-line 4~20mA;
    Optional Dynamic voltage output
    Output load resistance: 0~500 ohm
    Frequency response: 5~2000Hz
  • Operating temperature (oC): -20~+80

  • Power supply: 20~30Vdc looped
    Connector for cable: (SY)12k3P
    Connector direction: side
    Sensor installation: one M8 or three M5 screws
    Size: 40 73 mm
    Weight: 370g
    III Wiring

    IV Precautions
    1) The sensor must have a close and rigid contact with the item under test, whose surface must be very smooth. The sensor is installed with lock washer.
    2) The cable and connector can be pasted with a shield of silicone rubber after being tightened together to prevent them from getting loose.