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Offer vibration measurement ,Bearing Condition Detector, machinery condition monitoring ,Balancer and fault diagnosis products.

Now, it is the largest manufacturer of vibration meter & data collector in China with thousands customers.

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BSZ 700 Pen-size Bearing Condition Detector
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Handheld vibration meter BSZ 608
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BSZ 808A Vibration transmitter
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Integrated Vibration Sensor/Transmitter(4-20mA,looped power)
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Laser tacho sensor for RPM and trigger
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SZ-21 Velocity Sensor

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L14 General Purpose 


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Vibration Data Collector BSZ605

                 - Economic, Very-easy-to-use



  • Large storage, Full automatic measurement

  • Automatic qualitative diagnosis of machinery faults based on time domain characteristics: Askew index, Kurtosis index

  • Envelope demodulation of acceleration for gears and bearings diagnosis 

  • Measure single parameter continuous or all parameters (Acc,Vel, Disp, Envelope) one after another for quick field collection

  • Built-in ISO standard for health evaluation

  • Optional: Laser-aimed infrared non-contact temperature measurement module(integrated).



  •  Measurement accuracy: + 5%.

  •  Frequency span: 100, 200, 500, 1k, 2k, 5k, 10k (Hz).

  •  Environmental temperature: 5 - 40 (degrees Celsius)

  •  Relative humidity: <85% (non-saturated) 


The sampling frequency is 2.56 times of the frequency span.

 Anti-aliasing filter: 8-order ellipse

 Power supply: Nickel-Hydrogen battery. Work for at least 8 hours continuously after fully charged. Storage capacity for 320 sets of data (including sequential number, Point ID, peak of acceleration, RMS of velocity, peak-peak of displacement, and RMS of envelope) and 48 x 1024-points vibration waveforms.

 Dimensions: 196 x 101 x 45 (mm)

 Weight: 1100 grams (including battery)

 Accessories: 1 accelerometer, 1 magnetic mount, 1 probe, 1 battery charger, 2 cables for sensor and communication, and condition monitoring software BSZ