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Offer vibration measurement ,Bearing Condition Detector, machinery condition monitoring ,Balancer and fault diagnosis products.

Now, it is the largest manufacturer of vibration meter & data collector in China with thousands customers.

We will continue keep the faith "the first credit , the first quality, the first service" to provide the satisfactory products for our customers.


BSZ 700 Pen-size Bearing Condition Detector
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Handheld vibration meter BSZ 608
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BSZ 808A Vibration transmitter
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Integrated Vibration Sensor/Transmitter(4-20mA,looped power)
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Laser tacho sensor for RPM and trigger
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SZ-21 Velocity Sensor

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L14 General Purpose 


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  2-Channel Vibration Analyzer/Balancer BSZ601/BSZ603


  • Easy to use data collector

  • 2 channels simultaneous sampling & display 

  • On-site 400-lines FFT spectrum and waveform display; Transfer function analysis;

  • Data storage: 240  1024-point time waveforms  and 62 data sets 

  • Acceleration envelope demodulation for rolling bearing and gear-box diagnosis

  • On-site spectrum comparison function

  • Inner or external trigger selectable

  • Full featured 1 and 2-planes field balancing(10 sets balancing data storage; balancing process clarified by vector graph; trial weight estimation; can remain

  • or remove trial after balancing; balancing weight decomposition)

  • Balancing report automatic generation.

  • BSZ603 is the same instrument but without communication port for computer nor the software capability.